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Lyrics of rap up 2017 by Uncle Murda
Oh it’s that time of year again
The wrap up
Ayo, nobody wanna hear Mad Skillz S--t
Don’t Come Outside
My new mixtape out right now
GMG ATM is the unit
Lenny Grant

Y’all know what happened
Y’all still want me to talk about it
I ain’t cool with these n----s
So I’ma talk about it
Crazy, crazy
S--t crazy
Crazy, crazy
S--t cr-

[Verse 1]
Nicki and Meek dead
Now it’s Nas and Nicki
I’m just happy Usher ain’t give that herpes to Chilli
Meek got a 2 to 4 for popping a wheelie
It’s crazy, even Drake said “Free Meek Milly”
Free Meek, Safaree don’t feel bad for him
Meek and ’em almost beat his a-s but he was too fast for him
Kaepernick spoke to Meek Mill, that’s dope
Tell Nicki Minaj brother, “Don’t drop the soap”
Remy got at Nicki a-s like “What you got in them jeans?”
Remy won, but for now Nicki still the queen
Cardi B on the hills though, I know Nick feeling it
3 records on the Billboard, Cardi be killing it
You ain’t gotta say it Nicki I know
You been doing that, Cardi got a long way to go
It was dope seeing Remy and Kim link
Ayo K Michelle, your p---y still stink
Jay-Z confessed to cheating on Beyoncé
And he finally threw some shots back at Kanye
Jay know Kanye ain’t ’bout that violence
For my n---a Prodigy
Let’s have a moment of silence — “Queens stand up”
These s---s is still winning man, salute to these hoes
21 Savage wifed up Amber Rose
Playboy Carti wifed up Black Chyna
She had hundreds of n----s in and out her v----a
Kevin Hart cheated and that s--t got recorded
Apologized on Instagram cause he was getting extorted
I was mad Soulja Boy and Chris Brown didn’t fight
Migos and Joe Budden almost got into a fight
Do it look like I was left off Bad and Boujee?
Yeah it was Offset, Quavo and Lil Uzi
N----s tried to hit Young Dolph with a hundred shots
He was in the bulletproof truck like, “that’s all y’all got?”
He was laughing, watching bullets bounce off the glass
Second time around, no, them n----s shot his a-s
N----s get shot everyday, that n---a tough
That’s my n---a, he gon’ call me like “Yo, you play too much.”
A Boogie and them stomped out Lil B
I was mad they ain’t have Timbs on like M.O.P

Y’all know what happened
Y’all still want me to talk about it
I ain’t cool with these n----s
So I’ma talk about it
Crazy crazy
S--t crazy
Crazy crazy
S--t crazy
Y’all know what happened
Y’all still want me to talk about it
I ain’t cool with these n----s
So I’ma talk about it
Crazy crazy
S--t crazy
Crazy crazy

[Verse 2]
Bobby V, you like trannies
No need to front about it
You ain’t come out the closet yet
But got caught coming out it
You and Yung Joc been [email protected] for mad long
You probably payed for that dress that he had on
Tyrese broke, how he don’t got no paper?
N---a tried to borrow 5 mil’ from Will and Jada
Cried on the ‘Gram when he ain’t get to see his child
R. Kelly kidnapping girls, he still a pedophile
You R&B n----s is ill
Usher got an STD you can’t cure with a pill
This is so disrespectful, ain’t it?
Wendy husband cheating, that’s why you fainted
You in that bikini Wendy, that’s why he doing that
Your body look like ugh, where the f--k is your booty at?
OJ home, he ain’t black, I don’t give a f--k
Free my n---a Brown, Ra Diggs, free Tut
White people, look at all the s--t they be doing
Rest in peace to all them victims in that Las Vegas shooting
Lil white kid got 6 months for rape
But Meek got a 2 to 4 for a non-violent case
This other white kid had us all feeling bad
Then them pictures came out with them confederate flags
Oh now we understand fully
You was calling kids n---a, that’s why you was getting bullied
Donald Trump still spreading that hatred
Man Harvey Weinstein look like a rapist
I’ll believe all them girls that made a statement
D--n Russell Simmons facing rape allegations
Please Russell, tell me it’s nonsense
And you ain’t been doing yoga to clear your guilty conscience
Nelly caught a rape charge, case got dropped
Prosecution and the judge and believe that thot

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