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Lyrics of violent (feat. lloyd banks) by Dave East
[Intro – Dave East]
You funny, Suave. You real funny
Rico, I was waiting on some hard s--t, n---a “same ol’ n---a”
You know how we do, uh, uh “same ol’ n---a”
Talked to God about this, uh “most relatable, most gutta”

[Verse 1 – Dave East]
All this s--t I did, now they supposed to hate “they supposed to”
I can’t even count the diamonds in the Rollie face “I can’t”
Supreme clientele, I feel like Ghost and Rae “uh”
I just did a weekend for no license, need to smoke an eight “light up”
Pieces of my sock, hope I get up the block “I hope”
Homie, if you know you not no shooter, just give up the Glock “stop that”
I don’t want no p---y bull, I’m tired, just give up some top “please”
Jumping out, fresh beef and brocks, hit the reefa spot
Cleaner than my second bath in life
S--t, my man got life, shot a n---a right on Second Ave
Right in front his wife, what’s the price? “Uh”
Time to get the cash, necklace full of ice “time”
I’m chilling, Xannies made a killing “blues”

My white boy created and app and made a million
I own half, stop sipping lean and took a cold bath “cold bath”
Seen fiends stone grab since firm did phone tap “uh”
Nas jumped on Forbes list, then I watched my life change “I did”
Off the bucket list of my life, I wanted a white Range “all my life”
White Kings, spiking fluent drunkies, do the right thing
Courtside next to Spike, it’s so funny how my life changed “Spike, what up”
Fear of God collection, told Jerry I need that new s--t “I do”
Label get to fronting, I pull up on some Ice Cube s--t “uh”
Harlem n----s been getting money, this ain’t no new s--t “stones”
Stop acting like you gon’ do something, you ain’t gon’ do s--t “nothing”
How I’m getting they mouth hard, hard to figure out like the Rubix
8 ball full of diamonds, plus a fully loaded pool stick “loaded”
Watch how you talk to me, anything makes my move switch

[Hook/Chorus – Dave East]
My life is a gamble, good with the Desert, feel like a camel “I’m good”
I looked up to Tony Montana, Tony Soprano “uh”
Them n----s ain’t gon’ ride if you die, they only get candles
Somebody gotta get violent, only way they understand you
My life is a gamble, good with the Desert, feel like a camel “I’m good”
I looked up to Tony Montana, Tony Soprano “Tony”
I can’t even count all the b-----s my n----s ran through
Somebody gotta get violent, only way they understand you

[Verse 2 – Lloyd Banks]
Skipping through hunnids, check out my handle
Get in the way your only square ship, circles burning your flannel
Kronic zipped, tucked up and chuck and duck in the van crew
Visualize a life from the polar, you need the lamble
Put your hand and frame you for murder, they get the chance to
You from O.T., then be careful, the streets are making example
Wish me wrong ’cause I been eating more, rest in peace to the restaurant
When you feeling like the hood closing in on you, you need extra arms
Keep up being competitive, now it feels like the effort’s gone
You should know I got a star in the ghetto, watch what you stepping on
Rockstar la!d me up, 18 years old last time my neck been warm

You were into me, don’t thank me, I prolly got a Tec message for him
Voltage high for being two side n----s, better respect defences
Talking like a gangster, can’t even cover your death expenses
Pushing like they started all over again, that’s what excellence is
Killing s--t, two extra sentences, leave here with the rest incentive
Holding up the neighborhood, knowing in the Hall of Fame is waiting
F--k your thoughts, I worked hard to get under my favorite bracelet
Could have been the end of race, but you falling, head balling, chain arrangement
N----s do anything to shine, running out of amazement
Minding your business now is key to walk down between the (?)
I’m from the city, always hungry, Queens to Harlem people starving
No block and you put the work in, get it in line and keep evolving
Put a position that’s gon’ speak for itself, my CD talking

[Hook/Chorus – Dave East]
My life is a gamble, good with the Deser

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