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Lyrics of story story by EllaVibes
Story story story story o
I wanna tell you about a story
My mama tells me there’s a God o
He’s up the sky he sees everything
His ways and time are very different
Sometimes you call am
E fit be like say E no dey hear
But E dey hear you


Baba baba baba baba
He knows everything
He sees everything
He can do anything
My friend is searching for a job o
He searched and searched and yet no work o
A woman is praying for a child
She prays and prays and yet no answer
But never worry
E dey hear you
His ways and times are very different
So sometimes you call am
E fit be like E no dey hear
But E dey hear you


This is my story
(Baba E dey hear when you call)
Our father wey dey for heaven
We dey hallow your name
Make your kingdom come o
Make your will be done o
As e dey for heaven
Give us our daily bread
Forgive us our sin
As we dey forgive our brother
For na you wey get the kingdom
Forever and ever
Forever and ever
Story story story story ooo

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