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Added: Nov 13, 2017
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Anike - Season 1 - Episode 23
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“Are you expecting….

The bodyguards entered before I could finish my statement
Then his Governor friend, Governor Mark walked in with his security officers.
“Your excellency Sir” I greeted him.

“How are you Anike” He offered me a handshake and I took it.

“I’m fine sir, welcome. I’m on my way out before you came in. Have a nice stay sir”

“Anike, I said you are going no where”
“Prince was going on here, I can tell she had been crying, look at her face?”

“We had a little misunderstanding…

“What’s this,
he sighted the test result and picked it. “Gabriel is your princess pregnant?” he asked playfully, though he’s the funny type.

“I wish” he replied.

He checked the results and told his men to stand down. They left remaining just the three of us.

“Prince you have infection! when did you start playing around”

“Give me the papers Jo, nossy governor. Why did you even think I was the one playing around in the first place”

“Cos I know your girl is faithful”

“Anike you really have fans o, Mark even trusted you more than me his friend. Good for you”

“You won’t understand, in fact I have a confession to make.

“What confession?”

“Well, when you started dating Anike,
I thought she was just some random girl that you’ll soon give up, so people like us could have a share too. But when I realized that you’re still keeping her, Despite the fact that we pressure you to remarry and you said no. I decided to know what’s so good about her that made you stick with her this long.

I know Anike never mentioned what I’m about to say to you. Because I’m very sure you would have confronted me if you know about it”
He continued

“I summoned Anike to my guest house one, she came and I told her I wanted her just for a night. Just to be sure of what you’re enjoying so much in her. She told me she’s not a LovePeddler and I smiled. Everyone has a price right? So I wrote a cheque of #5M and gave it to her. She rejected it. “Oh Alawode has spoilt you with money right” so I thought. So I wrote her another cheque of #10M

Guess what she did Gab, she tore it and stormed out of the room. Not scared of what I could to her. I was dumbfounded. Who rejects #10M for just one night. Do you now see reasons why I trusted her?” Gov Mark explained.

Prince was shocked at her friend’s revelation.

“She never mentioned it. Please Mark plead with her on my behalf, I accused her wrongly, I was misinformed”

“Gab, you believe a stranger’s words over hers?”

“Just beg her for me Mark, I’ve always trusted her, the result made me accuse her wrongly.”

“Anike… please forgive him hun! You know he’s deeply sorry, you are is life o, don’t send him to early grave”

“Anike please…..”
he added

“Admiral Gabriel Alawode!” I cut in.

[b]The only thing you can do for me now is to give me the name of your informant”
I said

“Anike leave that to me, I’ll personally deal with the person”

“Did you hear him, he’s even protecting the person”
I said facing Governor Mark.

“I’m not protecting her, I’m protecting you”

“I don’t need your protection, give me the name or I’ll leave”

“Anike, he might have his reasons, just let it go”
said Mr Govenor.

“Your excellency, I won’t until he gives me a name”

“Anike not now”

I picked my bag and thanked the Governor.

“Anike it’s getting late, you don’t have to leave”

“As if you care”
I hissed.

“Really As if I care?” He was disappointed at was I said but I can’t take it back.

“Thank you I can take care of myself” I said and left.

I got into the compound and my instinct told me to lurk around. He might want to tell the governor who the culprit was. I walk down to the side of the house, I stood by the window side. I peeped and saw him with his phone, he placed a call. I decided to eavesdrop.

“Happy or whatever you call your self, how dare you play dirty pranks on me, so you betrayed your friend! You are as good as dead.. You will never try such again with her. I swear on my father’s throne, I’ll make sure I make your life a living hell” Prince said with rage and hung up.

“Oh my God! Happy!” I couldn’t hold the tears not after everything I’ve done for her.

This story is solely written by Toyin Taiwo
Hi readers, Let’s take a quick break to discuss lessons learnt from Happy’s case.
I’d like to say one or two things about Happy’s case before moving on to the next episode.

First and foremost I want so say this, that as human it’s very difficult for us to celebrate other people’s success.

Irrespective of gender, There is 99.9‰probability that some of us will do the same if we found ourselves in Happy’s shoe.
Do you think it’s easy to watch people close to you succeed while you are still struggling to get to the top?

Friends will tell you “Congratulations, I’m happy for you” but the truth is that most of them don’t mean it, they can only pretend to be.

Some will not even take any evil step but deep down they are bittered. Some will even keep their distance from that successful friend/family.

More reasons why we must surround ourselves with good people and stop flaunting our success on people’s faces. Especially in this age of social media.

People now runs the affairs of their lives on social media platforms. There are some things that needs to be private cos we live in a wicked world.

Now this is exactly where I’m going. The question is how can will manage successful friends around us?

I thought about it and there is just one answer I could come up with….

It will only take God’s grace to overcome things like this. Envy is one of the fruit of the flesh, If you are been controlled by the flesh, then trust me you’ll found yourself in Happy’s shoe. We are all quick to judge her but are we going to do better?

If you are deeply rooted in God’s words then you can easily overcome the flesh. The bible says

“Godliness with contentment is great gain”

When you are not controlled by your flesh, then you’ll be able to look past other people’s achievement and hold on to God for a better tomorrow. The bible says

“He makes all things beautiful in his time”

Your friends are doing great today doesn’t mean God has forgotten you, your own time we surely come.

The person that bought a car last year is now using a old model because the new model is out.

“The race is not for the swift, nor the battle to the strong but time and chance happens to them all”
Eccl 9:11

Putting off another person’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter.

Let’s have the right mindset and the world will be a better place for us to live in.

Thanks, God bless!

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