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Added: Nov 14, 2017
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Anike - Season 1 - Episode 29
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(Months later)

I went to Abuja after my final exams. We were both relaxing in his room on the couch after having dinner. The TV was on a music station and nice songs are been played from back to back.

He was sitting while I was lying down with my head on his laps.

“What’s your CGPA?” he asked
I turned from the tv to face him. “3.84” I replied

“That’s a strong 2:1, you really tried despite the fact that I stole some of your time and concentration”

“Sincerely, you didn’t distract me from my academics. I don’t miss lectures. I make sure I read on weekdays. I only come on weekends. You don’t allow me come to Abuja during exam period. I even read here on weekend, if I have a test to write, so you are never a distraction”
I stated.

“I use to think your academics will suffer, but I’m glad you did well”


“Are you ok with 2:1 or you want your result doctored”

“No thanks, I’m good with 2:1, what’s the point of having a first class you can’t defend”

“I know you won’t agree, I just wanted to confirm my answer. But you know some students will jump at the offer”

“That’s true”

What’s your plan after NYSC?”

“Good and after your masters?”
“Hopefully I get someone who will marry me with all my baggages and flaws”

he called out slowly. “I think it’s time” he said.

“Time for what?”

“Time for us to break up, so you could move on with your life”

I sat up immediately. I looked at him, his eyes was closed, then tears started running freely on his face.

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