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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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I la!d there, with Jenny snuggled in my arms. Her body was soft, and silky. Sweat covered her face. Her lips parted a bit with a knowing smile; the smile of satisfaction. Her breasts heaved up and down as she breathes. She looked up @ me and said, “my stallion” She pushed her lips into my mouth and kissed me passionately.

“That was awesome”
she said again. I smiled, pulling her body close to me. We were covered in our sweats and we loved it. All of a sudden. I could feel the touch of her hand on JT, she was stroking it. I could feel JT throbbing with want. Blood was rushing through all connected veins. It was loading up. She slid her fingers from the tip down to the shaft. She cupped my balls and tickled them. Emotions ran up my spine. I caught my breath. This is unsolicited attack and I had to respond decisively. I stroked her back. My fingers, made a path through the sweat sending tickles into her system and she m0aned. We were facing ourselves sideways. My left arm was thrown across her waist to grab her butt cheeks. I sq££zed and she giggled sexily. My right arm sq££zed her breasts and she m0aned. I planted my mouth on her left breasts and sU-Cked @ it.

She m0aned again. As I sU-Cked on, I inserted my fingers into her [email protected] and pushed it all the way in and she cried, “Lummy, ahhh”. I didn’t stop. I wanted to seek her cl!toris out. I stroked up her [email protected] and found it. It was soft, wet and throbbing. I sq££zed it and rubbed it against her [email protected] walls and she jumped back “Haaa, Lummy. No I don’t think I can stand that” “Y? Does it hurt?” I asked, “No” she grabbed my head, bit my ear and said freakily. ”IT’s like getting shocked by electricity” “Relax” I encouraged her. I could feel her muscles stiffen as I made to stroke her cl!toris again. She tensed up and bit down @ my neck and waited. I plunged my fingers into her [email protected] again and rubbed the cl!toris. She bit me harder and m0aned. She was jerking with emotions, her m0ans were faster than ever, the flesh of her thighs were shaking. “Lummy, pls” “Haaa, Yes, Do me” Her words were like petrol to my fire. I placed two fingers on the cl!toris and started rubbing them together in a forward and backward motion. She grabbed the pillow and brought it to her face and screamed into it, her whole body shook and shivered, her breasts were bouncing as she moved. I could tell she was about to come. I shifted up on her and placed my thumb finger on her cl!t and @ the same time inserted two fingers in her [email protected] and repeatedly pushed it in while my thumb rubs her cl!toris and she lost it. It didn’t take long for her to come, my hand had [email protected] juice all over it. She was in a fit of m0ans, and screams. “Haa, Lummy, I love that. I love u so much” Her whole body shook, her back was arched. She rolled up on me and grabbed me tightly as the rest of the spasms subsided.

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