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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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I pinched myself. I gotta to know this is happening for real. Just last week I was wondering where my relationship-life was headed and now I’m in bed with a paragon of natural beauty and we’ve just had great S£x twice ryt now. I felt a sense of fulfilment. I had arrived. I had it all. I shifted, swung my arms around her Jenny’s shoulders, she pushed herself closer to me, and held my arms tighter around her. I could smell her, pleasant and Sekxy. JT was flaccid. Her butt0ckz cheeks beckoning to it. She shifted her butt0ckz backwards and it rested on JT. “Jenny, ua tempting me” I said into her ears softly. “I know” she said, laughing. She wriggled her waist, and her buttcheeks brushed against JT sending tickles all over me. “Bad girl” I said, “For u, I can be as bad as u want me to be”she said. She turned facing me, her breasts heaving. Her eyes half closed, her lips wet with moisture. And then she said “Olumide, pls I want to feel you inside me again”

I wanted to satisfy this babe with everything I can and if it means going one more round then I will. “U will feel me inside u soon baby” I replied. I la!d her on her back, got up on her and shifted down till my mouth got to her chest level. I guided her right b0s0m into my mouth and sU-Cked, my left hand was craddling and squeezing her left b0s0m in rythm. Jenny m0aned at my touch, and JT responded at her m0ans. It was like clockwork. I sq££zed and sU-Cked for a while, she pushed my head further down. I took the hint. She wants me to sU-Ck her [email protected] Babe, that’s what I’m here for. I vacated the breasts and resumed at her [email protected] I inserted my tongue in her, she twitched. I steadied her thighs. Didn’t want her injuring my head with sudden movements. My tongue licked her cl!toris. It was hard and pink. I went down and licked the whole [email protected] from top to end, she gasped. I wanted her to be pleasured good. I fingered her [email protected] as I sU-Cked too. She m0aned, her [email protected] gushed with juice and she was wet with want. “Olumide, have me pls. Take me” she begged. I obliged. I moved up. She was holding and squeezing her breasts. I took her hands, pinned them down, and entered her. She accepted me fully. She jerked her hands free and placed them on my butt and urged me on “pls, give me more” “I love it” I jerked on. I lifted her legs more apart and upwards exposing her [email protected] more and pumped on. I was pounding her hard. The bed was squeaking. She screamed “Olumide, pls love me” “Give it to me” the m0ans and her words just spurred me on. Her breasts were bouncing @ each thrusts. She held my head to hers and kissed me passionately. I pounded on for a while, then I rolled her off on her tummy, her butts facing up. I pushed a pillow underneath her waist, her [email protected] tilted up a bit. I could see it wet, her [email protected] juice glisten on her inner thighs and I plunged in. My JT was smacking hard inside her [email protected] Her buttcheeks slapping my waist with each thrusts (ppaa, kpa kpa, wham, pa, pa, pa). I bit down on her back while she sq££zed the bed spread. She jutted her butt0ckz backwards and wriggled them. Her legs were going weak and I knew she was coming. She cried and m0aned, and released her juice as I increased and came a bit after. I was spent. She vibrated, and shivered. She held her breath and tried to calm herself down. I was spent too. I didn’t remove my JT in her [email protected] but la!d there with her in sweat, p**syjuice, semen and all.

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