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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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I eventually dated Jennifer for a while. It was a serious relationship that I felt will lead to the altar but unfortunately, it didn’t due to some reasons. I moved on from Jennifer to a host of other girls. In total, I’ve dated about 19 girls, bleeped about 34 girls. I’ve been wild and crazy but last year 2013, I got married to a beautiful, lovely, funny, strong, industrious lady. She’s a classic. Our 1st wedding anniversary is soon and by the the time we celebrate it, it’s gonna be with my very own 1st child in tow. 2all my fellow warriors, don’t give up. Have hope as I have done. Fight for ur life. D key to my survival is belief and self will. When u have that, u have strength to survive. Been to hell and back a couple of times, I’ve been unable to walk before due to a disease, almost lost a leg (I got up to walk on the day that it was supposed to be decided that it should be amputated). Life would not be easy.

We warriors have to go extra to determine our success. We always have something to proove but we should never allow people to hold us down. Most people u know are watching 2see what u make out of ur life; watching 2see u fail. Pls disappoint them.

Be good. Be strong. To my readers, I say thank you, I want to mention but a few; Tashaa, Steffans, Onyibazz, primquin, rapmike, mightyfortress. To the friends I’ve made over this platform; fellow warrior like Patrick Daniels; guy I salute you and my now very gud friend, Tashaa. I say a big THANK YOU…If I no mention ur name, abeg no vex. I salute you all the same. As for the sexuality part of my life, I still have a whole lot of experiences and as time permits I’ll still share ’em with u guys. Thank you. To my sexuality forum friends, I salute ur conquests and would like to leave u with a tip on ravaging a [email protected] in ur further conquests with the words of Chaning Tatum’s character of Duke Hauser in G.I Joe 2 and it says “Drive it like u stole it”.


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