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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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We were both butt Unclad on the bed, the standing fan doing its best to cool the hot room, its best to dispel the smell of sweat, [email protected] juice, S£x and Pour. ” Lummy, I want to ask u a question. ” Dolapo broke the silence. “Okay, shoot” I replied. “What did u mean by u should have dated me?” She said.

We were lying side by side, looking into each other’s eyes, arms and fingers still exploring our bodies. I replied ” 1st of all, if I had dated u, I would have had such great S£x” she laughed and punched me playfully, “Be serious” she pressed on, “okay, if I had dated you, I would have been beta appreciated and treated by u than Tola” “You make me feel like a real man” ” she stroked my lips and kissed me, “Lummy, there’s nothing wrong with u. I love u the way u are, SS or not” “I’ve loved u since u were with Tola, and I’ll still love u now and wouldn’t mind to be with u” She said. I felt both happy, cos she proclaimed loved and also guilty to have used her with the hope of sending Tola a message. I shrugged it off, and like my buddy Bayo will say “We will take no prisoners” I looked @ her, kissed her and smiled “Dolapo, I love you but I can’t date you” Her face changed, “Why?” She asked. “I can’t guarantee I’ll be there for you. I’m emotional, unstable and I don’t know when death can come calling” I narrated my fears to her. I enlightened her about how it is when crises comes up. “Its like pain in death except that ua alive and feeling every beat of it. Dolapo, I don’t want u to see me in pain.” I said. She looked at me, drew me closer to her and sighed. We both la!d there on the bed soaked with all manner of body fluid. Me thinking “that should be enough to set her on her way and spread the gospel”

Dolapo left some hours after, but not before going two more sessions of wild and hot S£x. Dolapo said “if I can’t date you, I sha can give u something to remember me by” and she did just that. Every feeling of guilt flew out the window the moment Dolapo shut the door on her way out. I knew it was a matter of days before Tola hears the full gist. Now with 3 girls on the Done list and the aim of doing more, I focussed on passing the next ICAN professional exams. I still get regular visit from Dolapo and we had S£x when we wanted though not as often as I would have liked and during one of those sessions, in the fit of ecstasy, [email protected] and Pour remains still visible on her thighs, she revealed “Did u know that Tola accused me of snatching her boyfriend?” “She said that?” I answered feighning ignorance. “Yes now, she said I’m dating u now and that I was the one that engineered her breakup with u ” “that girl is mad oooo”, she continued. “Don’t mind her” I replied, I wasn’t really bothered or interested in dragging the talk longer, afterall, shebi I don get wetin I wan get…

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