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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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In brief, not to derail the story, I’ve tried as much not to dwell on my ailment in this story that’s y u’ll read more extensively about my deeds and accomplishment than about the days I have crised or days I’ve escaped death. The reason for this is that, dwelling on such painful subjects brings back bad memories. Memories of my leg almost being amputated when I had osteomylitis, memories of my dad and brother having to donate blood over night just cos I could have a transfusion. I only want to dwell on the effects this ailment had on my psyche especially with the female folk and how I thought it could be handled best back then.

. I finished up with the exams, two days, four papers. ICAN has a way of squeezing out every account knowledge one has upstairs.

I was physically and intellectually racked.
My boy, Bayo was missing me already.
He wanted us to go to Mapoly and scout out some girls. Did I mention that I am an alumni of that school. Anyway, I wasn’t interested.

I knew about Mapoly and their girls having spent two years in there. I had to kill time somehow so I resumed in my mom’s school then I met Kenny, a fair, ugly looking religious female teacher. She was fiesty though.

We got talking cos all other teachers there r married and I give them space. Kenny on the other hand likes my company. She likes the fact that she’s close to the proprietress’ son.

I got to know she’s a virgin and instantly made it my burden to disvirgin her…

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