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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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Kenny was fair, ugly, not a single feature of her standing out, she aint current, she’s just about church and school. She’s a typical innocent girl but me, I never bothered, I wasn’t about looks, relationships or the Almighty, I was about bleeping and I wanted to Bleep this girl. The fact that she’s a virgin spurred me, I wanted to see if I could pull it off. I launched fully, I’ll meet up with her, we’ll chat and slowly I began to broach on the subject “S£x” Her responses confirmed her naivety, exciting me more. I’ll coner her @ dark corners of the school premises, roughly kiss and smooch her now and then.

She resisted @ 1st but she accepted the little romances. I decided to take it to the next level…
Without wasting too much time, every day to me is a gift. Sometimes I go to bed not knowing if I’m gonna end up in the hospital the next day or worse still, dead. I invited her home, she came all dressed in ankara long sleeves top and long skirt; typical religious garb. I brought her into my room. I had one thing on my mind and ‘m about to get it. I made her comfortable. Earlier I had removed my reading chair and single couch from the room so she had no choice than seat on the bed. “Seat well, use this pillow to support u” I encouraged her. She did so. I slot in Michael Bolton’s CD and slow romantic jamz filled the room. We talked irrelavant things, but I knew we both know the reason y we r here. I’ve sometimes wondered y Kenny came willingly, she knew I wanted to bleep her, she knew she was a virgin, so y did she come? What motivated her? I can only think one of thing. She’s ugly, she may not have enof guy attention, she’s relishing this experience of being wanted and she was ready to give it all. I stood up and closed in for the kill…

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