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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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She was sitted on the bed sipping her drink.

I got on the bed, crawled over to her, took her drink from her, lowered it on the floor and kissed her deeply. My tongue parted her lips and explored her mouth, I sU-Cked on her tongue brought my hands on her breasts which was barely existing anyway, she only had Tips and not breasts. I extended my hand to the back, unzipped her top, and undressed her.

I unhooked her bra, saying to myself “Girl what u need is a singlet not a bra”. I la!d her on her back, unzipped her long mummy G.O skirt, by the side and undressed her.

Her white lace pant remained. I sU-Cked on her Tips and she m0aned. I shifted my tongue down to her belly button while my fingers worked her [email protected] I removed the fabric and inserted a finger into her kitty Cat. Its was intact but wet. Then I heard the voice of my mentor, Bayo the Deaf.

“When ua doing a virgin, u gotta be slow” ” Don’t rush, take ur time. Make her wet” “it may be stressful” “She may resist but u gotta make her want it”
Bayo had said loudly in one of his lectures. I parted Kenny’s legs and went it with my tongue.

I sU-Cked her [email protected] and pulled the [email protected] lips with my teeth, I shoved my tongue into the walls, and slid it up and down. I could have grabbed her breasts but she aint gat any so I made do with just tugging her Tips.

I wanted to keep her all wet for the time JT tries to crash in. I continued to sU-Ck, and tug, building up a momentum of ooohh Gods, OOhh God, UUhhh, AAahhh, OOhhh, Hmmm.

She shivered, twisted her waist and pushing it further in my face, I accepted it all. I could taste a build up [email protected] juice and then decided to plunge in

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