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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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I shoved a hard straight turgid JT into the [email protected] and it bounced back. Alarms triggered in my head “Omo, wahala dey” I shoved again, and Kenny winced “Its paining me” “Relax, just relax ur muscles” I cooed into her ears. “Okay” she said and I could feel her relax, meanwhile my fingers were stroking and playing with her [email protected] I brought out my round pillow; shoved it underneath Kenny’s waist, bringing her [email protected] up and ready for another attempted entry. Dis time, I held JT with one hand, cradled Kenny’s waist with the other and gently lowered JT into her [email protected], she flinched, held her breath, grabbed the bedsheet. She m0aned. I paused, with only just the cap in, the [email protected] no wan make we enter fully. I kept the depth, making her [email protected] feel accustomed to somebody inside her. I did other things from kissing, Tip sU-Cking to divert her attention from the burning s£nsat!on down there.

After a minute of pausing I pushed in further. She screamed my name “LUMMY”, grabbed my back and I paused again. I could feel the heat building up in me, I knew she was on fire too. Her legs were shaking, her mouth open, her breath was faster.

She was still wet, not yet with blood but with sweat, [email protected] juice and all other manner of body fluid. I allowed her to relax a bit and this time I pinned her arms to the bed and looked @ her fully in the eyes. “Kenny” I called, “Yes” she replied with an m0an, “I’m coming in” I said, “okay” she said. She drew in air and held her breath. I drove the entire lenght of JT down…

Kenny gasped, she shook violently like she was convulsing. She forcefully brought my head closer, arms clasped around my neck, she bit my ears. Her legs shook on, her waist jerked back and I pushed forward to close the gap. I could feel the blood coursing out. A little amount thankfully, otherwise I’ll have freaked out. Kenny called on her mother in fits of ecstasy, she called on God next, “Ohhh, Maami mi o, Ohh God.” “Pls, don’t stop” “Love me pls, Do it” I was spurred by her rants. I began to thrust in and out, slowly @ 1st for a few minutes. I increased my pace, giving her all of JT. She flinched, m0aned,and arched her back. She thrusts out her waist and I fired her. She was strong really. She was in pain; having just lost her virginity but she held on for me to ravish her. We both moved in slow rythm, locked in each other’s embrace, mouth to mouth, shoulder to shoulder, chest to Tips, waist to waist, JT to [email protected], her legs wide apart.

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