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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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We panted, m0aned, kissed, smooched and bleeped for a while before all energy gave out. I guess she was tired too. I didn’t Pour but then,that wasnt my primary goal.

My primary goal was to have her and I did. I knew I’ve paved way for other chances.

I pulled her up, led her to the bathroom to clean herself up. I went back to the room, opened the bedside fridge and downed a chilled can of coke, smiling sheepishly @ myself. Kenny came out, Unclad, and shy.

She gathered her clothes and got into them.
I poured her fresh drinks. “How do u feel?” I asked. “I’m fine” “are u sure?” I pressed. “Yes I am”she answered. “I want to start going home, my mom would have been waiting for me”she continued. “Okay, lemme see you off” Mhen I was too tired to drive and I just wanted her to go so that I could sleep. “So when next am I seeing you?” I asked, “Tomorrow, after church” “Okay, I’ll be waiting” I answered. I drew her closer, kissed her passionately and I saw her off. I came back in, headed straight for the kitchen, dished out an abnormally large amount of rice, downed it all, and retired to my room. As I la!d waiting for sleep to come, I replayed all that happened, I smiled, adjusted the pillow and slept soundly.

And so it was Sunday, I didn’t go to church. I’ve reservations about church since one incident happened when I was in secondary school. I lost my elder brother to the ailment. His crisis level was one of a kind. Mine is unbearable pains all over, his was sudden and total loss of blood @ intervals. He had one attack that fateful day and he was gone. A week later, we were still mourning and I had my attack. My mom, exasperated took me from my Dad’s clinic and up to a church, promised from the pastor to heal me instantly. I was high with faith, finally I was gonna be set free. I was loaded up with pain killers just to be able to stand up for prayers. The Pastor took me to his office and brought out Robb and massaged my body but I still had pain. I called his attention to it. He merely said “Don’t worry, when u get home, the angels will change ur genotype” To cut the diversion short, let’s just say I’m still waiting for the angels till date

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