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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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I started work fully. It was stressful but I coped. I get to travel around the bank’s branches and cash centres for routine weekly and monthly audit. I got my own staff to boss around (a big change from the teachers I had to cope with in Mom’s school) And so one this day, some female staff from a cash centre in a major market in town came to the head office to sort out a requisition and were directed to me and I met Bukola.

“Hi” “Are u the new head of audit?” A fair, tall, beautiful, b0s0ms and butt in the right places and @ the perfect amount, looked into my eyes sexily…

“Yes I am”. “I’m Lummy”
I introduced myself. “I’m Bukola” she said. “Nice to know” She was beautiful, and I wanted her.

She extended her hand to me, over my huge table.

I got up like the perfect gentleman, took her lovely, fair and soft hands and planted a kiss. Bayo has always said to be direct and I took that advise to a whole new level. Bukola blushed, smiles brighten up her face.

Its not like she get kissed on the hand everyday. I knew without saying further, she’s got the message. She smiled and said “I’m here to sort out a requisition of cheques for our cash centre. Could u help?” “Ofcourse, anything for a lovely looking lady like you but @ price.” I answered smiling. “What price?” She asked, her eyebrow arched. “U allow me take u out this weekend” I answered looking into her eyes. “Okay” was all she said and it was game on.

Saturday came, the mornings were spent ironing my faded blue jean, a light blue polo vest, aired my sneakers and socks. I had my hair trimmed, washed it with shampoo and relaxed to watch Bad Boys 2. I love Will Smith. @ about 1pm, I set out. Bukola had previously described her house to me and I was on my way there to pick her. I got to the house, a modest one. Her brother called her out.

She came in in a white, short gown, with flowery designs imprinted on the fabric, she packed her lush long hair with a ribbon.

She looks radiant. She was drop dead gorgeous. ” Wow, u great” I cooed. “Thanks” she said, smiling broadly, obviously pleased with herself for making an impression. “Are you set?” I asked. “Yes” and thus we went out. Our first stop was an eatery, we ordered food and drinks, talked about almost everything.

I genuinely liked the girl but I wasn’t willing to give myself to that kind of emotions ryt then. Bukola was @ 1st shy but she was a chatterbox when I made her feel relaxed. We left the eatery for a stadium, around. We strolled around the premises, pausing to observe our surroundings, holding hands and laughing. It wasn’t long before I started giving her hugs here and there. Time rolled by, u never know how time flies when ua having fun and soon it was dark. Bukola wanted to go home. We drove to her house, parked outside. She looked across @ me and said “I enjoyed today, thank you very much” “my pleasure” I replied.

She made to alight and I drew her back “one more thing before u go” I said. “What?” She asked. “This” I replied giving her cupid card that I had earlier bought. She read the contents using the car inner light and I could see her mouth shaping up a big smile. “Ooohh, this is lovely. I so love it” she said softly, I pulled her closer and gave her a long passionate kiss and she accepted it wholly.

I knew I was on course

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