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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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In the few months after, Bukola and I went into a relationship. I knew it won’t work and I bidded my time to end the whole charade. Luckily, Bukola got a better job offer outside the state, and that was how communications dwindled. I was free but alone. In my lonely period, I reflected upon my life, I was in my late 20s and still single, I need love and needed to @ least start trusting someone. And so I got a call this day, “Hello, gud evening, can I speak to Tope, pls?” The callers voice was so soft, the English was refined; pitches @ the right places. “This isn’t Tope. This is Lummy” I replied. “Oh I’m so sorry, must have dialled the wrong number”” she apologised profusely. “No, don t bother. Stuff like that happens, so who am I speaking with?” I queried, I wanted to know this girl. I wanted to see the face of this beautiful voice.. ”I’m Jennifer” “Jennifer, what a sweet name. Ua probably sweet too” I continued trying to make her laugh “Ahhhaa, I’m not, and I’m not bitter either” she said, laughing. Wow, my head noted; she’s got a sense of humour. My kind of woman. We laughed, I told her I was thrilled to meet her and I would like to call her later and she agreed. We started talking, something text chat (@ that time it was #5 for mtn to mtn sms) I’ll recharge, sent some credit to her and we’ll chat throughout the day, talking about ourselves, life, family, religion ,everything and later @ night 12:30am, she’ll call me up on extra cool. I had enof time to tell her about myself, my nature and challenges and I think it made her closer 2me. She accepted me for who I was. I began 2miss the chats if they didn’t come early enof, miss her calls if she didn’t wake up on time.

It dawned on me that I was beginning to love this girl and I needed to see her face to face. I gotta know if she aint ugly before I shoot myself in the foot. We talked about meeting and she agreed to come by my office on a week day.

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