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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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Jennifer and I decided on a set day, a wednesday actually and when that day came, I had a panic attack. Do I look good? Are my eyes clear? What if she sees me and she changes? I asked myself a whole lot of questions that I almost called her to cancel. I sat in my chair @ the office and debated my choices. In the end, I decided to go through with it. Tuface’s African Queen suddenly blasted on my fone; Jennifer was calling. I picked up the fone, cleared my throat and answered the call. “Hey you” she said. “Hi” I answered. “I’m downstairs” she replied. My heart jumped and sommersaulted. “Ookay” I threw in, ” Come upstairs. Tell the Security @ the reception that u want to see the Head of Audit and its personal, they’ll direct you” “Okay, see u soon” she said and disconnected.

I jumped up, arranged my papers, files, stationeries, adjusted my tie, brought my cologne and added a good amount to my body and I waited. Soon I heard a knock.

“Come in” I said, huskily, tension flooded my whole system. The door opened, and this goddess sauntered in like a princess. She wasn’t fair and wasn’t dark too. Complexion looked like east african. Beautiful, well shaped. This is a girl that u’ll smell the good life oozing of her. She was a eye turner. The sort of girl u’ll look @ and wanna look @ again and again. “Hello” she said. “Hi” I replied in a low voice. I lost part of my confidence there and then, I didn’t know if to give her a handshake or a hug. Just plainly confused. Just like Bummblebee seeing Sam Witwicky’s girlfriend in Transformer 3. She came in, “I assume ua Lummy?” She said. “Yes” and that was all I managed to say. “It’s alright, I won’t bite you” she said, smilingly. I guess she saw anxiety written all over my face. I smiled back, ushered her to a chair and I sat across her. “I’m sorry” i said. “I never knew u were this beautiful, I should have rolled out the red carpet, fit for royalty” I joked, trying to regain my confidence and make her feel comfortable too. She laughed, hands across her mouth. I’ve been hearing her laugh over the phone, but seeing that gesture face to face was another super experience. “Let me officially introduce myself, this is the Lummy that u’ve been talking to and chatting with” I stood up and bowed a bit. She laughed again, “Yes I can see that, and I’m the Jennifer, that u have also been talking with” and she stood up and curtsied. We both laughed and in an instant, I drew her to me, opened my arms to embrace her and she closed the gap.

My arms firmly around her. It was magical…

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