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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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We settled down to talk. I began to feel @ ease. My jokes worked and everyone relaxed. I took my seat across Jenny (as I start 2call her). We gisted about just about everything with some jokes to go with. I took my time to study her. She was pretty, had a gud command of English. She was clean, she had on a white silk blouse, and a blue fitted jean complete with animal print sandals. I could pick up a faint scent of perfume, subtle, a kind of fruity flavour. We went to lunch @ a nearby eatery. After lunch, I dropped her off @ home. “I had a good time” I said, “Yes, me too” she answered. “I’m glad. When can I see u again?”I said, “I don’t know yet” she replied. My mind was like “She’s backing out” “But I’ll let u know as soon as possible” she said. “Okay, no wahala” I said, She got down and proceeded into her compound. I drove back to the office to finish up, lost in confusing thoughts. “What was that all about?” “Y wouldn’t she know?” “Is she changing just cos I’m a warrior?” I began to blame myself for thinking too highly of this new girl, for wanting to be normal, for wanting to love and be loved. Maybe it would have been beta just remaining single…

I wasn’t in a happy mood. I was mad @ everything and everyone. I wanted to vent my anger on something or someone, so I called Kenny. She and I still see regularly wen we can, to be honest, its mostly when I wanna Bleep a girl as a matter of urgency. That evening after work, I headed straight for Kenny’s house. She came to meet me outside. “We can’t go in” she dropped the bombshell. “Y?” I asked, angrily.

“My mom is around”
she said. “Ehen, don’t worry, get in the car.” I ordered. Like she knew what was on my mind, she got in. I drove a few metres away from her house to a deserted field and found somewhere secluded to park.

It was dark, quiet. We had only bugs and insects as spectators. I got down from my side, went around, opened the passenger car door, butt shifted Kenny aside, I raised her up, and directed her to seat on my laps. She did, JT was up and hard. She was wearing a short gown, with no [email protected] I raised her butt up and directed it over JT. I found the right angle and pushed JT up into her [email protected] I had no time for pre-intimacy. I was mad @ the world and wanted someone to feel my pain. Kenny screamed and grabbed the dashboard with both hands. I thrusted upwards @ her [email protected] and each thrust made her point. She screamed and gasped, and m0aned @ my every move.

I grabbed her neck from behind, pulled her hair and bleeped her on. After a while, I rolled her off, got down from the car, turned her around with her hands resting on the car bonnet. Her butt0ckz jutted out. I parted her legs and shoved JT inside her. We bleeped in unison.

She screamed. I held a hand over her mouth and rode on with anger. She bit my hand hard and my JT ravaged her. Her butt was shaking. Her legs were loosing its grip on the ground surface. She was writhing with pain and pleasure. I could feel her coming. She m0aned and bit harder at my hand as I try to stiffle her sounds. I felt a rush of her Pour all over JT.

In a few more minutes I came too, I withdrew from her fast enof to shoot my load on her butt0ckz cheeks. She was panting and shaking in fits. I was catching my breath but still angry. She cleaned herself up and asked me to drop her back @ home and I did. I was still in a bad mood wen I got home. I took a hot shower and la!d on my bed. Jenny still hasn’t called or texted. This isn’t what I bargained for.

I was about to start blaming everyone and the Almighty when Tuface’s African Queen blasted on my fone…

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