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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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The day came eventually, after a gruelling week of lectures and harsh studying. Exams are around the corner. I needed to put this revenge mission into motion before exams. It drizzled a bit, the air was cool. I arranged my room. This time it was Celine Dion on the stereo spilling slow music. Dolapo came, tall, dark girl, beautiful in her own, well rounded breasts, long slightly curved legs. She was wearing a short gown almost knee length. I ushered her in my room, brought chilled 5Alive and snacks. She sat on the single couch in the room and I sat across her on the rug. “Hope ua good” I asked. “I’m okay” she said smiling shyly. “Lummy, u’ve grown ooo. What happened?” “Life grew me up” I replied. “That’s gud” she said.

I was there across her, humming to Celine Dion, looking @ Dolapo straight in her eyes.

She looked @ me and said “What? Y are u looking @ me like that?” “Ua beautiful” I said pointedly. “I shd have dated u rather than Tola” I continued. “Hmmm, really” she said, crossing her legs. I could see the full view of her dark laps and I knew it was gonna be soft. I got up from the rug, moved to her, took a mouthful of the juice in my mouth, raised her chin up and pushed my mouth in hers and fed her with the juice in my mouth. Surprised by the sudden act of it all, she gasped, gulped and pushed me away, “What d heck was that 4?” She asked angrily, eyes blazing…

I’m on the offense here, no time to retreat.
I wanted in and I will get in. “What is that for?” She queried me. “That’s for standing by me after breaking up with Tola” I said. She was on her feet, with anger in her eyes. I moved closer to her, held her arms “Are u angry? I’m sorry” I said.
I held her face, cupped them in my hands, and said these words “This is what I should have done” “What?” She asked. “This” and crushed her lips fully with mine. She didn’t push me off instead she opened her lips allowing me full access. We kissed tenderly, my tongue explored her mouth. She held me tightly.

My hands cupped her butt0ckz and sq££zed.

Despite the cool air, the room was getting heated up. Bodies were crushed in embrace against each other, lips were locked on target. It wasn’t long before we found the bed. I got up on her, undressed her, within seconds, unclasped her bra hook, revealing her dark breasts. I took the Tips in my mouth and sU-Cked. She m0aned. I sq££zed the breasts softly. It was succulent. I inched down tracing my lips down her stomach to her belly button. My finger traced the [email protected] and went further to seek her [email protected] out. I pulled down her [email protected] with my other hand and spread her legs.

There’s no more time for ceremony.

I needed her to feel me and give Tola feedback. I released JT from its prison and plunged in. Dolapo gasped and welcome JT in her sweetness.

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