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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 11
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Lilian was busy throughout as she never stopped sendin Thomas an errand though they had errandboys in her company but was intentionally doin that so that he would stop starin at her that way which made her uneasy most especially when their eyes met and would glare at him before lookin away,its got to a point that she had to queried him in anger ”why do you stare at me?!!” “erm…er….i’m sorry ma’am”Thomas stammered,starin deep into her dark eyeballs “but that doesnt answer my question,Thomas!!why do you stare at me like that?”she blurted angrily “nothin,ma’am”he replied,lookin down “nothin…its not that we’ve met before or do you know me from somewhere before now?”she asked “no,ma’am”he replied sharply “good!so stop starin at me if you dont wanna lose your job,idiot!!”she cursed,eyed,hissed before dismissin him though Thomas didnt say anythin and was just smilin mischievously becos he knew where to start from and must get her whether she likes it or not.


Francis came to Rose’s shop as usual,had alot of fun,took her out for dinner as he promised to do alot of things for her,brought her flowers n said romantic words to her which made her blush n smile,no doubt she was in love!in love with Francis to the extent that she forgot all her hardship and affilitions she suffered from Thomas,not knowin that somebody was spyin and takin their pictures anywhere and anytime but didnt know becos she was carried away by his love,’fake love’ as Francis calls it becos all he wanted was her body and never had the intention of lovin her at all as he lied to his wife,Lilian that he would be travellin to Abuja for the weekend meanwhile he had planned on shoppin for Rose and havin a nice time with her.the least he wanted from her was to sleep with her and dump her later,his friends never stopped hailin him becos its was his first time of havin a secret lover apart from his wife and was doin more than what they expected by payin a bet on Rose to have her sooner or later.


Mrs. Becky,Thomas’ mother was havin a good time with her friends at the pub where they gather to drink and eat as she never stops tellin them whatever goes wrong between her son,Thomas and her daughter-in-law,Rose which make them mock Rose whenever they cross path for they knew she was a barren woman but never confronted Thomas becos they feared him for they knew he was a harddened criminal and a gangster for that matter though its all started when Mr. Johnson,Thomas’ father died in a ghastly accident which led to inferiority complex,resentment,frustration and stigmatization to Thomas’ and his mother among peers and neighbours due to the fact that they were poorer than a churchrat and had died being a drunkard which made them left their hometown and came to settle in the suburb of Lagos,Ikeja(mostly where poor people live in an uncompleted or unpainted buildins) but theirs was unpainted and old-fashioned,she explained to her friends as always as they continued drinkin and eatin.

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