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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 16
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Rose felt loved for the first time in so many years which made her did it with all of strength and might and wished its was Thomas whom was doin this to her,she couldnt control herself becos she was enjoyin it as she m0aned more louder,kissin Francis wildly becos its been long since Thomas touched her and moreover he had left the house for her as she submitted herself to Francis whom was doin most of the job while she m0aned endlessly,urgin him to continue,she couldnt believe she was still in love with Francis up till now as she kept utterin ‘i love you’ to Francis,who intentionally ignored her and was concentratin on the real thing as he kissed her endlessly,pinned her hands to the bed for her not to move as he digged it into her and was kissin her cleavage and at the same time fondlin her wildly which made her screamed in pain and was now cryin as she begged for Francis to stop for now but didnt answer till he did the real thing and slept on her,nakedly


Rose woke up the next day which was now monday mornin,feelin weary and dizzy as she struggled to sit up on the bed,only to find her clothes on the floor as the s-x they had lastnight flooded her memory and knew she had betrayed Thomas who mustnt find out what had happened lastnight unless she was a dead-meat as she managed pickin up her rough clothes and wore it.she couldnt believe she could had s-x with Francis of all people which was the least she expected as she yawn loudly and stretched lazily before leavin the room as she walked slowly due to the stress of lastnight and continued walkin though was hearin men’s laughter from downstairs and was about descendin the stairs becos the laughter was increasin which made stopped abruptly from upstairs to listen to what was goin on,suddenly,her eyes widened in amazement and anger,leavin her mouth agape as she grasp for air at what was showin on the large plasma t.v which made her frowned becos those men were laughin,includin Francis himself


Rose couldnt believed it as she shooked her head in pain and sorrow becos Francis had betrayed and mocked her in front of his friends,its was the s-x-video between she and Francis which they had lastnight and was exposin their nude bodies most especially hers which made the men laughed real hard and praised Francis for it whom was explainin every screams and m0ans in the video which made Rose furiously came downstairs,cuttin their attention as all eyes were on her now as she walked up to where Francis was standin and landed him 2soundin hot-slaps on both cheeks,not mindin his friends “how dare you?!…how dare you,Francis?!!,so you delibrately took advantage of me,right?!!!”she shouted “yes,i did and so what?…you’re not gonna sue me for that or are you?”he replied,holdin his cheeks in anger “i thought you said you love me…thought you said you’ll do everythin for me but why did you choose to disgraced me among your peers,Francis,why….?!!!!!”she began breakin as tears dripped from her eyes.

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