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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 22
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Thomas was taken to the police station and was thrown into the cell though he never felt sad becos its wasnt his first or second as he quickly mingled with other guys that were in cell though they had a leader whom was greater than him in everythin as he prostrated and cooperated with them in the cell though he was cursin Lilian in his mind for puttin him in this mess becos he felt she was responsible and hated Francis so much for slappin and arrestin him for what he didnt do as he began plannin on what to do when he gets out.Everythin was goin smooth for the Macaulay’s family and everyone was doin their work well,Lilian’s stomach was now big to the extent that she couldnt carry herself as Francis never stopped showerin her with his love and care which made her felt special,most especially whenever he brought flowers for her and at times put his ear on her stomach to see if the baby was kickin and also whenever he rubbed her pregnant-belly which would make her giggled and would ended up kissin him.


Rose couldnt go to the police station with her mother-in-law becos her stomach was now bigger to the extent that her neighbours never stoppin callin her ‘iya ibeji(mother of twins)’ and she would just laughed becos she didnt prayed for it to be twins unless the responsibility would be too much for her,she thought as she walked with a long stick for support,round the street but still her beauty never faded and her body was still intact,she wished she could see Thomas,her husband but her mother-in-law insisted she stayed behind.Mrs.Becky went to the prison to see her son whom has been there since 3weeks ago as she saw him and ran to hug him tight while he did the same becos he missed his mother as they sat down to discuss “you’re gonna be a father soon,Thomas!and i’ll soon be called grandma too”she replied,smilin “what do you mean,mother?”he asked,pretentiously “dont tell me you dont know your wife is pregnant for you!!”she asked with a raised eyebrow “for me?!”he scoffed rudely.


Mrs.Becky was suprised at Thomas’ reaction,she was expectin him to be happy and smilin but instead frownin and hissin at the mention of Rose’s pregnancy but didnt care less because she would soon be a grandma,she thought as she gave him his breakfast which Thomas ate and thanked his mum till she left while he returned to the cell,thinkin of how his plans would come true.


Lilian was due for labour becos her 9month was complete as she sometimes complains of backpains,its was too heavy for her and the baby never stopped kickin in her womb,makin her scream in pain becos any moment from now,she would deliver though doesnt know its gender.Rose’s stomach was so big,she was due for labour as she sometimes complain becos its was too heavy and unbearable,the baby always kick everytime which would make her cry though Betty and Bem were there to help.

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