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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 24
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Lilian was taken into the labour room as she began peein on her body due to the stress as the doctor asked her to push which she did thrice by callin ‘Francis’ name in pain n agony till the baby flushed out,not cryin but frownin as doctor Eugene slapped its small butt thrice till its started cryin profusely as the nurses went to wash off its blood while doctor Eugene took care of Lilian,whom was fast asleep.Francis and nanny Dee were prayin for Lilian’s safe delivery till the doctor came out few minutes later,smilin as he ran to hugged Francis,whom was curious n confused as he asked of Lilian,when he shouted in joy “it’s a baby girl,Francis!…a baby girl!!”,he was so happy as he thanked the doctor who urged them to thank God as he congratulated him and nanny Dee before takin them to Lilian’s room,who was now awoke n was playin n smilin with her child as they both came to hugged her as Francis carried d child,stared straight into her eyes only to found out that she didnt have an hazel eyes like him.


The doctor congratulated Mrs.Becky and Betty,tellin them its was a lovely baby girl as they rushed to Rose’s room,met her sittin up as they came to hugged her,they were happy and excited as the doctor brought the baby to Rose,who couldnt controlled her emotions as tears dropped down her eyes,pecked the baby which made her giggled,revealin her cute dimples which made her cried the more and called her ‘Agnes which means to be pure or holy’ but her mother-in-law objected and decided they call her ‘Belina,becos she was slender and lovely’ but Rose and Betty refused,agreein to callin her ‘Agnes’ which she later accepted as they carried the baby and played with her though what her mother-in-law loved most about the baby was her beautiful hazel eyes n her cute dimples most especially whenever she smiled.Francis felt sad becos he was expectin the baby to have an hazel eyes like him which was a generational feature as he stared at the baby in distaste,pretendin to be happy in other not to be queried.


Lilian gazed at her husband who swallowed hard and was grinnin at the baby which made her collect the baby from him in a haste,makin him smile inwardly though wasnt satisfied as Lilian and nanny Dee played with the baby while Francis footed the bill as she decided to call her baby’s name ‘Valeria’ which Francis and nanny Dee accepted.Rose stayed in the hospital for 5days till she was discharged as her mother-in-law and Betty took proper care of her and her baby,bought alot of provisions and the likes,even her neighbours loved the baby so much as they would play with her and peck her soft cheeks which would make her smile but was too troublesome most especially whenever she was hungry and would cry profusely,screamin which made Rose took care of her daughter most especially from those young men who promised to marry Agnes when she grows up becos of her radiatin beauty which can cause one to stare for long and could even take one’s breathaway.

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