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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 26
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Rose worked so hard becos of Agnes whom she often carries to the market or would rather dropped her at Betty’s saloon,the Johnson’s family was doin so fine together with mama whom was now contributin to the growth of the family just becos of Agnes and hardly drinks or steal her money though mama had been pressurin her to visitin Thomas in the prison which she refuses at first becos she was scared that he might hurt her or Agnes but later agreed after much persuasion from mama and Betty which she promised to do after Agnes had grown up.Lilian took good care of Valeria to the extent that she became over-protective of her as she at times refuses to allow Francis carry her or even the staffer workin with them in their mansion at Singapore though Francis rarely had the baby’s time due to work as he work day and night and at times travel to other countries for his business trip while Lilian would complain and even indirectly insult him for not havin she nd Valeria’s time n would ended up apologisin.



Agnes had grown up a bit as she would run alot of errands for her grandma without complainin though she was too troublesome and kind of stubborn,most especially whenever Rose warned her not to go outside to play in the evenin but wont listen,everyone in the street knew her very well due to her cheerfulness and kindness towards everyone,she was a friend to her grandma most especially Benjamin(Bem),Betty’s 10year-old son whom was her bestfriend as they would play hide and seek game,etc which made some girls that admirers Bem alot dislike her as they would always bully her,most especially whenever they crosspath or whenever she was seen carryin groceries for her neighbours as they always call her ‘a witch’ becos of her hazel eyes which would make her run to her mother’s arms and cry profusely,they never stopped bullyin her,throwin leftovers at her,etc while Bem would chase them away though they were both weakling and gentle in the street but Agnes wont say anythin and would just cry.

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