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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 28
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Lilian and Francis provided everythin Valeria needed,who lived in luxury and never lacked anythin but lacked manners which Lilian and Francis didnt even care to realised as they worked all day becos of Valeria.Ethan,Valeria’s bestfriend n neighbour who loved to daydream as he would tell Valeria,the type of woman he wishes to have as his girlfriend when he grows up,which was to be a ballerina as he would expresses his love for girls that takes ballerine as a profession which made Valeria got into ballerine as she tells her parents to gets her a ballerine teacher which they did and started her trainin without Ethan’s knowledge,she did everythin to impressed him so that when the time was right,he would proposed to her to be his girlfriend,she took the trainin serious and would at times starved herself for the 6year-old,Ethan who knew nothin about love and would just daydreamed about things that doesnt exist even though,he was the type that loves drawin anythin drawable n was even good at it.



Alot of good-bad things had happened to the Johnson’s family as they still remained the same,still livin in abject poverty but atleast they were still hale and hearty even though mama had gone back to her bad habits and was gettin worse day-by-day,non-stop due to the fact that she was now aged as she at times gets sick due to the heavy smokin and drinkin which she couldnt stop even though the doctor advised she drinks less beer and quit smokin but wouldnt listen which made 16year-old Agnes knew the type of grandma she had but couldnt say anythin becos she was shy and was always sad whenever she sees her drinkin and smokin with her friends and would at times threw unnecessary parties in their small house with the little money she often earned from her gamblin business becos she had just lost her job last year and wasnt ready to look for another which made Agnes stopped goin to school for now and engaged in menial jobs to support her family.

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