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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 3
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Thomas went to the bar with his friends to gamble,drink and smoke as usual,he was so poor,even poorer than a churchrat but didnt care less since Rose was working and providing for the family,he wasnt ready to look for work but had told his bestfriend,Oscar to look for one for him.Rose on the other hand,was having a bad day in her open shop due to what Thomas did to her earlier and her mother-in-law calling her a ‘barren woman’ for refusing to give her money which made her cry if not for Betty,her neighbour who consoled her,she was tired of everything and wished she could just run away,its was just too much and too unbearable,Thomas can never do without insulting or beating her a day while her mother-in-law was always on her neck and was ready to sU-Ck the living day out of her,sales was goin fine today but not everyday,customers came to buy from her but not everytime,she was about to have her lunch which was rice and stew that she brought nearby when her regular customer greeted her as usual.


Helen,his personal assistant greeted Francis,her boss in a romantic tone as usual while he answered coolly,its was obvious that she was in love with him even though she knew he was married to Lilian for so many years now with no kids,tried to get his attention as she stared deeply into his hazel eyes which was one major feature ladies fell for him with his other minor features,licked her lips at intervals as she played with her long-brown hair and was winking at him too but he didnt fell for that as she made to leave when he was done giving her instructions,swinging her curvy hips left and right but wasnt moved as he stared at her in disdain’Lilian was the only person he loves and forever will’he thought and resumed his work till daybreak when his friends,Jonathan and Desmond came to his office as usual not after putting a call to Lilian,exchanged pleasantries before putting a call to the assistant secretary since the secretary wasnt around for now,to get food for himself and his friends.


Lilian on the other hand was enjoying the company of her friends too in her huge office,Victoria and Susan,whom was the only person that has giving birth among them to her first child n expecting a second one,sooner or later as they discussed about their husbands,work and children.Rose smiled broadly becos she was expecting her since she was her regular customer,its was none other than Stella who came to buy red apples as usual “i knew you would come today,i’ve fresh apples for your boss” “well,itsnt for my boss but for his wife”she replied,smiling and sold for her not after giving her extra too which was specially for her and gave her a 600 note instead of 500 “thank you ooo,aunty Stella and help me thank your boss too,i’m really grateful,Miss” “i’ll do just that,thank you too ma’am”she replied and left before her eating her food which was already cold and ate it like that as she counted the money for today which was just 16,000 altogether n promised to hide the money from Thomas or his mother.

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