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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 30
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Lilian and Francis on their own were enjoyin life to the fullest as alot of good things came their way and gave Valeria everythin which made her not to lack anythin even though her academic performance wasnt kinda encouragin though she was a bright student but wasnt up to their expectation which made them employed alot of private teachers,right from her childhood but still her behavior was very bad as she would nags at every little thing,insult anybody who disturbs her,not carin the status or height of the person and gets angry easily which made nanny Dee reported her to Lilian who snobbed her rudely or would at times scolded her for meddlin in her daughter’s business and had been tellin Francis,who didnt do anythin about it becos he wasnt bothered at all,thinkin its was Lilian’s responsibility,since she was her mother and hardly gives her(Valeria) full-attention due to work


Mama had forced Rose n Agnes to go n visit Thomas in the prison which made her cooperated as they decided to go on one hot saturday afternoon,went to the prison n asked of Thomas Johnson,describin themselves as his wife and daughter which made them brought him out as they turned back to see Thomas,which made Agnes ran to embraced him as tears dripped from her eyes,callin him father but all what he could was to stood still,didnt hugged her and was glarin real hard at Rose,who tried avoidin his gaze as he frowns “dad,i missed you so,so,so,so much!mum told me alot about you and was anxious to see you,how’ve you been doin?sorry,i didnt visit all this while,daddy!”Agnes beamed,revealin her cute dimples and was wipin her tears,gently,waitin for him to reply as he stared at her from head-to-toe and toe-to-head in disgust and disbelief as he smirked at her before frownin at Rose “what did bloody hell are you doin here?!”he asked,eyed and hissed before returnin to the cell,with a policeman followin behind.


Agnes was speechless as she stared at her father,Thomas who was leavin her for his cell,she wasnt expectin him to be lookin at her that way since she was his daughter,expected him to embraced her like she did but he didnt,called her ‘daughter’ like she did called him ‘father’ but didnt and was starin like as if he had just seen a ghost which made her uneasy and sad becos she had been waitin for so many years,anxiously waitin to see him,expected to havin a long chat with him but didnt happened,she thought,forgottin that her mother was readin her mind through her facial expression “Its alright Agnes,lets go home,afterall you’ve seen your dad,right?”Rose asked,quietly “but…but….but mom,he didnt seems as though he was happy to see me”Agnes protested while Rose sighed “he’s happy to see you!baby,you just didnt know so lets go home”Rose replied,draggin her gently while Agnes kept lookin back,hopin he would returned to see her but didnt till they boarded a cab and went home.

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