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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 33
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Agnes felt like abusin him for what he just said but decided to calmed down becos they were in public as she frowned real hard,eyein and hissin at him which made him smiled sweetly at her “let her go guys,i just cant blame her becos commoners like this dont have choice!”Ethan mocked her which got her more angry “oh!i see,yes!i’m a commoner but a commoner with integrity,idiot!”she shouted but by then,Ethan and his bodyguards were returnin to their cars though they heard but ignored her especially Ethan who paused and looked back,castin one last stare at her and smiled though Agnes didnt see him due to the fact that she was strugglin to pull out her bicycle from the gutter becos she knew she was d--n late and Mr. Murdoch,the newspaper and flowers vendor would have no choice but to insult her for her latecomin which wasnt the first or second and had promised to sack her,anytime from now and wouldnt listen to her plea,no matter what.


Ethan couldnt stop smilin till he got to Andrew’s house who was curious as to what was behind the smile becos its was rare but didnt tell him after much persuasion,its wasnt that he was in love with her but just admired her radiatin beauty which couldnt get out of his head throughout that day till the next day as he tried gettin her out of his head,he didnt wanna fall in love!not now or never becos he wasnt ready yet and told Anton,his cousin who encouraged him not after mockin him.Likewise,Agnes,who couldnt forget to tell her mother what had happened that day though she hid the part she felt a ting of love for him when their eyes met and couldnt get the scenario off her head and told Bem,who acted cold about it by askin her to forget about him and that its wasnt possible for a rich dude like him to fall her since she was the clumsy and extrovert type which she adhered to by forgettin about him and concentratin on her work as she helped Bem in preparin for school tomorrow.


Valeria couldnt stop chattin with her South African friends as she either smiled or laughed but never stopped hurlin insult at the housemaids workin in her room at intervals most especially whenever they rough-handled her accessories,she couldnt wait to resume school tomorrow so as to see Ethan whom she had missed so much though they’ve met on several occassions as she called her friends about the school’s resumption before writin down her plans for the session since she was gonna be promotin to sss3 by tomorrow.Its was now monday,Bem has usual had prepared for school before goin to Agnes’ house as they exchanged pleasantries though she felt sad becos she wasnt goin to school like him but was goin to work instead as they gisted for awhile before he went to school while she has usual hopped into her bicycle,bade her mum,Rose,whom was runnin unnecessary errands for her grandma and Betty before pedalin away to her place of work with an empty stomach since there was no food in house.

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