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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 34
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Valeria met with her friends at the school garage(where cars are packed) as they exchanged pleasantries “oh my!Valeria,you’re lookin more beautiful as ever”Natalia screamed as she hugged her “thank you,Talia!you know i’m most superior to every girl in this school,so its a normal thing,i’m still the best in everythin and everyone knows that includin my Ethan”she replied,playin with her long brown hair with her lefthand at the other side of her waist before throwin her pink backpack with an inscription of ‘HARMONY’S PRINCESS’ at the back,at Agatha,the youngest among them to hold it for her includin Natalia’s and Jean’s bag just like hers “wait a sec!dont tell me,you’re still hell-bent on askin Ethan out ”Jean complained “well,if that is possible afterall we’ve been childhood friends for years n you?”she asked rudely “Me?”Jean replied “yes,you?!dont tell me you’re jealous,fool!!”she shouted at her “i’m…i’m…i’m not!”Jean spluttered “better dont be,becos it just d beginnin”she replied,frownin.


Ethan and his friends came late as usual after the assembly and after the 2nd period,its was a normal thing to them becos no one dared complained or insulted them for no reason and moreover they had special class which was meant for the four and where foreign lecturers tutors them at school due to the fact that they were the only half-caste in school which makes them very special though they were some that were born in African countries while they were born in mostly South American and Asian countries,no students or Nigerian teachers dared enter their class without knockin not to talk of the school’s cleaners or the security men,they were highly repected and mostly honoured in account of the nobel prizes,grand awards,medals and cups they’ve won for the school at different competitions,both in and out of Nigeria right from their sss1 which made them popular both in and out of Harmony High,the most exclusive,richest and populated high school in the whole of Lagos state,both junior and senior.


Agnes got to work in time as her boss scolded her for being late again without scoldin the other workers who came late as well as he ordered her around before sendin her to go and distribute the flowers and newspaper and asked her to return which was rarely odd.Rose was makin sales as alot of people brought snacks and drinks from her though few brought fruits,she was so happy as she sold wisely to her customers.Its was rumoured in Harmony High by the students that there would be scholarship for outsiders and that the form would be out by tomorrow for anyone who wanna partake in the exams which would take place at Harmony’s centre by next week saturday and the deadline for the form is friday though the form money was 2,500k per person,pendin on how many person he/she was bringin,Bem felt that its was gonna be beneficial for Agnes but couldnt afford the money n didnt wanna steal from his mother’s purse anyway as he decided to go find a menial job after school n would make it a suprise package 4 ha.

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