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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 36
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Francis was doin very well at work so as Lilian though the only problem at his office was none other than,Helen,his personal assistant,whom had been on his neck by dyin everyday for his love but would act nice and cool whenever,Lilian,his wife was around or Valeria,his daughter,whom often comes to visit after school or sometimes durin weekend and would indirectly hurl insult at her most especially whenever she sees her delibrately flirts with dad in her presence which would make her feel bad and angry becos she didnt want her dad to be shared by another woman apart from her mum,and as for Lilian,the only problem she had in her company was her ill behavior to customers,whom comes to buy from her except her clients,she was too bossy and proud as she sacks anyone at anytime without hearin pleas even though the person was from a poor background,she was very proned to lambastin people anyhow not mindin who they were or where they came from to the extent that not even Francis can calm her except Valeria.


Thomas still remained in prison with no one plannin to bail him out not even his family becos of the huge ransom of money which they couldnt afford except for Oscar,his closefriend,who planned on helpin him through his car-wash business though his family had been comin to visit which made him feel better a bit though was havin a second thought on what to do with Agnes when he returns to the house as he decided in his mind to make her life miserable and meaningless,just as the way her father,Francis did to him as he determined to punish her severly for what her father did to him even though he would still come for him later as evil thoughts filled his head,day-by-day without tellin anyone except Oscar,whom counselled him foolishly.And as for Rose,its been good-bad for her,sometimes,sales and at times,no sales but atleast she was still able to put food on the table for the family most especially with the help of Agnes,who hawk fruits everyday,round the streets and markets.


Its was wednesday,a good day for Benjamin becos he would be buyin the scholarship form for his bestfriend,Agnes from his savins money as he queued and brought the form and placed it in the middle of his literature textbook before insertin it into his old-fashioned black bag since his mother couldnt afford to buy Harmony’s schoolbag and its sneakers and had been usin the bag,right from Jss1 which proned to mockery from his coursemates in class but didnt mind becos it didnt let that bother him too much.Ethan couldnt stop receivin unnecessary gifts from girls n female teachers at school but never 4 once looked their way becos he wasnt ready for a committed relationship n was ready to break any girl’s heart if ever d need arises though his friends,Andrew n Richard had theirs but were flirtin with them except David,whom was single n ready mingle but as 4 him,he was single n not ready search,probably becos of his disrespectful n temperamental behavior 2 people,most especially towards girls in particular

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