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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 37
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Valeria couldnt stop fallin in love with Ethan,day-by-day as she would expect him to treat her like a princess but wouldnt and would just treat her like one of those which gets her annoy but wouldnt show it becos of the love she has for him,she was a science student to the core and had been the best in her field,right from her sss1 and in Harmony High as a whole,no one couldnt compete with her even those who tried,failed woefully which made her feel so proud and arrogant as she snobs anyone that dare comes to meet her,either for topic explanations in class or solvin equations for them,its had always been her,her and her alone,too stingy,too agressive and was always wearin a straight face,at times.Agnes never stopped readin even though she wasnt goin school or attendin lectures as she would feel sad and bitter becos she wasnt goin to school and would at times cry quietly in her small room before prayin to God to perform miracles which was the last thing she expected.


That same wednesday evenin,Bem got home,smilin as he ran to meet Agnes,whom was cookin at the backyard “hey,good evening,beauty!what’re you cookin?”he asked,smilin at her “well,i’m cookin beans,how was your day today?”she asked,smilin too “its was awesome and i’m sure,yours went well too,right?”he replied,smilin as he pulled her sharp pointed-nose,makin her 2 smile the more before presentin the scholarship form to her “what’s this,Bem?”she asked,anxiouly “lets say,its a suprise package,Aggie”he replied as he watched her opened it n read it n smilin heartily,revealin her cute dimples as he stared at her captivatin face,lost in it as he smiled “thank you,Bem,i’m really happy but all the same,you shouldnt have brought it pendin on how much it cost you but dont worry,i’ll refund it when i’ve the money”she replied,smilin “oh!dont worry,just see it as a friendship gift,Agnes”he replied,smilin as he forced her to hug him which she did in tears,tears of joy as he comforted her and kissed her hair.


Rose was so happy as she thanked Bem and his mum,Betty,its was a thing of joy for the family which grandma Becky objected,probably for the fact that she was an illiterate as Agnes filled the form correctly before handin it over to Bem,who promised to submit it tomorrow which he did the next day as Agnes started readin very hard as never before,solvin hard equations,went to cyber-cafe to browse more about the subjects she was gonna write by nextweek saturday as a science student though Bem helped alittle in teachin her english becos he was an art student,which was taught each day in school though its turned out the other way round as Agnes was the one explainin things in english that he had never heard or rather had it been taught in school becos they were followin the school’s syllabus as he stared at her in suprise,with mouth wide agape,he wasnt expectin her to be the one teachin him since she hasnt been in school for months now,no doubt,she was extremely brilliant to the core.

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