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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 4
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Its was now gettin dark as Rose packed the fruits and vegetables in a small room,swept the floor and dusted everywhere before biddin goodnight to other marketwomen nearby and left,she wasnt used to goin home late in the night as she boarded a cab and went home in hurry so as to prepare food for the family since its was her responsibility.Lilian on the other hand awaits her husband on the large bed as she flipped through the pages of the magazines she was readin till she heard Francis voice downstairs shoutin her pet name ‘Lilly’ in a romantic tone which made her rushed downstairs to greet him ‘oh baby,i missed you so much!how was your day?” “its was kinda stressful,sweetie”he replied smilin “eyah,i’ll do some massagement for you whether you like it or not” “no problem,baby,thats why i love you”,they giggled like kids as they made their way through the stairs,he had a warm bath,ate his supper before she did the massage for him,gisted for awhile and drifted up to sleep in a cuddle.


Thomas got home late as usual,smellin of whiskey and cigarette as he met Rose fannin his mother whom was already asleep on the chair in the sittin room.she greeted her husband as normal but he didnt answer her as he made it up through the stairs and went to the small,unpainted and tight bedroom he and Rose had been sharin for so many years till date,had his bath and came downstairs to eat on the faded dinin table.Rose left his presence;cryin,when she saw that he was now sniffin cocaine as always and at the same time smokin real hard,insulted her the more when she couldnt give him a definite reason for cryin but heavens knew its was because of his bad habits but kept it in mind so as not to generate another tug of war from him with just sayin her mind.He even wanted to slap her when she begged him to stop it due to his mother that was sleepin on the chair as her bed since they couldnt afford to buy one for her but she dogged it,went to the bedroom,said a short prayer before driftin off to sleep.

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