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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 51
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Rose tried stoppin him but couldnt as he pushed or slapped her,shoutin at her not to come near her daughter but wouldnt listened which made Thomas furious as he began punchin Agnes real hard on every side in the process,most especially her face as she began cryin helplessly,pleadin for mercy but wouldnt listened and callin her all sort of names like ‘b-----d’ at intervals which was makin her weep the more and was about usin his belt to flogged her when mama came inside,smokin cigarette as she stared at all what that was goin on without sayin anythin and was askin for her food from Rose,whom begged her to tell her son to leave her daughter alone but wouldnt listened as she went to the kitchen,served herself and that of her son’s,ate,drank and was tellin Thomas to injured her the more but didnt hear till she finished eatin,begged her son to leave her alone,tellin him that she was his daughter which he rebuked instantly,ate his food,gisted with his mum till night before goin to bed.


Rose had to stay with her daughter overnight as she took good care of her and watched as she slept,she didnt go to school the next day becos her grandma told instructed her not to,without any specific reasons as she fanned her throughout that mornin till afternoon before she(mama) went out to gamble,leavin her in the house as she went to Betty’s saloon to help alittle before goin to her mother’s shop to hawk fruits as usual,becos it was now in the evenin.Bem missed Agnes alot becos she wasnt present in school as some of her friends asked of her and had to lie even though he knew the reason she wasnt in school.Valeria had no cause to worry becos her rival wasnt in school as she answered every questions in class and solved alot of equations,flirt with Ethan,whom was somehow feelin sad for no reason but wasnt showin it as he played tabletennis to the fullest ,joked with his friends with alot of girls crowded around them which was makin her feel jealous as she left the place,fumin in anger.


Francis had just returned from his business trip to Uganda as he and his wife,Lilian were havin an arguement due to the fact that he hardly gives she and Valeria attention,whom so much crave for his attention even though its wasnt sincere as she would complained to her mum about his numerous trips and as he tried explainin to his wife,whom wasnt ready to listen even though she also had a part to blame as she would work overnight at her office in her company,leavin him and Valeria in the house,they argued for like 10mins before Valeria and nanny Dee came to resolve the issue between them,which wasnt the first nor the second as Francis agreed to Lilian’s terms and conditions which was to sometimes reject every business trips and spend time with them by takin them on a picnic,to the cinema or shoppin mall,etc. includin Lilian,who agreed to his by often takin Valeria to school or both take her to school before going to their workin place as they willinly had s-x that night as a sign of their agreement.

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