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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 53
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It was monday,Agnes had gone to school not after runnin trivial errands for Thomas and his mum and hawkin fruits for Rose that mornin before goin to school with her bicycle as she rode it along the path,wavin and greetin the elderly ones and childrens too till she got to school late,wasnt punished by the securitymen becos she was a newcomer and was givin the grace for that week as she entered the class,met everyone shoutin with no teacher in the class and was about goin to her seat as she walked to her seat row,passed by Valeria and her friends,who hissed on seein her as they looked at her scornfully and was about goin to her seat when she mistakenly stepped on a banana peel which was eaten by Agatha,one of Valeria’s friends and intentionally placed it on the floor at Valeria’s order as she stepped n slipped on the floor,makin her butt hit the thick tiled-floor n her books scattered on the floor which made the whole class bursted into rounds of laughter before their chemistry teacher came in


The 28yr old female chemistry teacher came in as she also bursted into laughter on seein Agnes sittin on d floor “are u blind or somethin?,cant you see?,what were you thinkin,Agnes?”she asked as Agnes ignored her questions,stood up,dusted herself,packed her books n sat down as all eyes were on her as she avoid everyone’s gaze in sadness,most especially Valeria,whom was grimacin at her n grinnin till d teacher taught and left,not after givin them tough assignments and had other classes before their leisure time as she packed her books and was about leavin the class for the library when her friends came to meet her,apologised for not helpin out earlier n forgave them as they all dashed out,headin for the basketball court even though she wasnt interested becos Bem wasnt with her but later accepted as they went,met alot of guys includin Bem,who saw her n was about meetin her when a girl stopped to chat with him n Valeria n other students,whom were dressed up in gowns n pop-socks,ready to dance ballet.


Ethan and his friends had just finished their class for the day as they went to the basketball court with their basketball clothe on as they began dancin their ballet, immediately,they saw Ethan,his friends and their team come in as they greeted everyone,makin everyone applaud them and screamin joyfully at them except Valeria,who had to made full of herself by hurriedly runnin to hug Ethan,who didnt see it comin,makin everyone stared at them as gossips began raisin from there till they began playin basketball while they danced their ballet in one corner as Ethan began losin some goals on seein Agnes,whom was pretendin to read a storybook in other to avoid his stares when she couldnt take it anymore but he would score whenever he saw her full face which was makin him to lose a bit of concentration as he played anyhow,makin his team lose n was about throwin the final ball when he looked at the ball and indirectly looked at Agnes,whom was chattin with Bem till he threw the ball into the net and won.

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