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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 60
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It continued like that in school Valeria was always finding the perfect opportunity to harass Agnes,both in class and outside the class as she would keep quiet,trying not to cause ruckus even though she was always pushing her to d wall as she could remembered when they went to the basketball court and she begged Ethan to allow her play for once,which he agreed and intentionally kicked it very hard to her direction,where she sat with her friends,gistin till it hit her hard on her face,makin it red as she began to bleed from her nostrils,if not for Micheal,one of Ethan’s friend,who came in time and helped her as she cried that day because it was painful but what took her by suprise was that Ethan also showed up with his own first aid box n left in anger.She could also remembered when Valeria disposed all her things in d dustbin when she returned from d field,that thursday as she scavenged through the dustbin that day 4 her notes,pens,school uniforms,bag n shoes as everyone stared scornfully.


Valeria and her friends never stopped bullying the innocent Agnes as they would look for her trouble and frustrate her life in class and outside the class as they also would set a trap for her to enter which she would because she wouldnt know as Valeria was the one person that hated her most among her peers and wished she never existed in the school.She even rumoured it to everyone in school that Agnes was an hawkgirl,whom was always hawking anything hawkable as the news went round the whole school as everyone tagged her ‘the hawkgirl’.Thomas also hated his daughter as he would maltreats her roughly or at times beat her to a pub during weekend,with or without no reason as she rarely doubt if she was truly her father because the pains and sufferings he inflicts on she and her mother,Rose was just too much and was even unbearable but had no choice than to endure it since it was her destiny and must embrace it wholeheartedly

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