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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Francis visited Rose at her shop durin his break as he cancelled some of the schedule prepared for him that day,he even told his friends about her and advised him to woo her which he refuse at first becos he felt like,he was cheatin on Lilian but later accepted when they gave him alot of advantages though didnt have feelins for Rose but lust and infactuation.

they spent alot of time together at her shop,took her for lunch,bought her some few things and gave her money which she rejected at first but later accepted after much persuasion before proceedin to woo her but declined immediately,tellin him that she cant accept him becos she was a married woman and doesnt wanna cheat on her husband though he saw the love in her eyes but just couldnt accept him as he never stopped professin his love to her though its was fake becos what he wanted was her body to quench her sexual urge and really missed her body alot though never had s-x when they were still datin in high school but only smooches.


Thomas was so delighted as he asked about Lilian from Oscar who said he doesnt really know much about her as they gamble,drink and smoke among their peers with some pretty girls in bikini surroundin them as they merried and danced at the bar becos of his new-found job.Rose told Betty everythin that was goin on between her and Francis but advised her not to accept becos she said if Thomas find out,somethin else can go wrong since he was a harddened criminal which was true.Thomas has been arrested and charged 4times for different cases since he was a gangster and a gambler which led to his sack from work while his mother and her would always bail him out with their money.

though she confessed that she still got some feelins for Francis since he said,he wasnt married.Francis on his own,began to think of how he would lay with Rose since she was a sensitive and stubborn woman,he just cant help it,he lust for Rose’s body and was deeply and truly in love with Lilian,he was so confused.


Thomas got home that night,drunk and smelling as usual he met Rose sleeping on the torn chair,waiting for him “oh,Thomas,where have you been?,your mother and i have been worried which made me decided to wait for you here since she has slept” Rose explained calmly,rubbing her eyes gently with her hands as Thomas stared at her seductively,from head-to-toe, lickin his lips profusely as he stared at her in her red nightgown which was exposin half of her cleavage and was reachin her knee as he started movin towards to her slowly which made her move backwards becos she knew he was real drunk as her back touched the unpainted wall “i’m hungry”Thomas replied huskily “…i….i will get your food right away”she replied gently and was about enterin the kitchen when he grabbed her tightly by the waist while she struggled to free herself from him becos he was already caressin and kissin her neck when he whispered to her left ear “all i want tonight is you,Rose!!!”.


Rose tried yanking off herself from him but she couldnt becos he was stronger than her as she screamed becos he was already undressin her,she wasnt in the mood for that tonight as she struggled with him which got Thomas angry and landed her two hot slaps on both cheeks,making theirs run down her eyes as he tried strippin her nightgown but she refused which made him pulled her hair tightly and held her neck as if he want to break it and led her to their bedroom though Rose was beggin for her life but Thomas wouldnt listen as he threw her roughly on the bed,makin her cry the more as he off his clothe and jumped on her,ready to devour his wiff as he brutally tore her nightgown,held her wrist tightly to the bed and began kissin her wildly,down to her cleavage till he had s-x with her.Lilian told her husband about Thomas,her new driver who promised to see him 2mao though she has been wonderin why he(Thomas) had stared at her that way but didnt tell Francis becos she felt she could handle him alone.

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