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Funke my sexy secretary  - Season 1 - Episode 13
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I hooked up with lalaski and we talked about getting my daughter back and also to find out if my wife is also involved in the kidnap.

Lalaski later told me his a secret agent for the npf(Nigeria Police Force), this actually gave me a sigh of relief … He said since we know the people involved we should also play a game with them but little did we know the game would go sideways, we actually failed to deliver the money they requested for so they went ahead to kidnap my mom. I informed lalaski about the new development and he himself realized they now mean real business
First my daughter now my mom, what the hell is going on , temi also fell ill because of this which gave me a second doubt whether she is involved or not, well till I see concrete evidence I would know the truth… Lalaski then decided that we bug temi’s father to know more about their plans.

Two days after they kidnaped my mom I did not receive any message from the kidnapers which was really bothering me. We successfully bugged him and still we had nothing and we did not receive any message from the kidnappers..


Which kind yawa be this, what have I done to myself my mom and my daughter now being held captive by my so called father in law … While a call came in from lalaski…

Me: Any development bro?

Lalaski: Meet me at …… We just received Intel about their hideout ..,

I stayed in the car while lalaski and his other agents went inside the building while I stayed inside the car like a coward busy praying for their safety , not long I heard gun shots which shocked me ,then I saw them coming out with several people cuffed including my father in law cuffed and my mother being blind folded…

Me: Who got shot ?

Lalaski: A lady (funke) but she managed to escape …

Me: Haaaaa my nightmare escaped again, that means trouble o

Lalaski:[/b] Will you stand there sobbing or won’t you unfold your mom ..

After unfolding my mom hands the unexpected happened when she set her eyes on temi’s dad…

My mom: Segun is that you

Me: **shocked** you know him

My mom: I don’t just know him, his your father….

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