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Funke my sexy secretary  - Season 1 - Episode 16
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Om the getting to the location where I was about to be killed I felt a hot slap on my cheek still being blindfolded and my mouth sealed, it was when I was un blindfolded that I realized that it was the governor that slapped me….

Governor: This is not lalaski , return him and get me the real lalaski *in an angry tone*
So while they were trying to bundle me back into the vehicle I made some groans which made the governor realized that I wanted to say something so he ordered one of his men to realse me….

Sir your daughter has been kidnapped by lalaski

**laughs** which daughter, we all know that I only gave birth to two lovely guys

Sir am serious o, Lalaski was so sure about it

Governor :
Why should I believe you?

Me: Am her husband

Governor: Guys take him away before I lose my temper Suddenly one of the men brought out a gun and pointed it towards the governor saying that does he think lalaski is stupid, this got me scared so lalaski had an inside mole …. Wonders shall never end while I was busy thinking about this i heard a gunshot only to wake up in an hospital bandaged and cuffed to the bed like a criminal.

Governor : so mr man tell who you really are because this whole drama of my daughter is not making sense….
Suddenly a woman barged in crying…

Strange woman:
where is she, i need to see my daughter…

Governor : shut up woman, i told you we don’t have any daughter just our son segun

Strange Woman: we have a daughter o the doctor lied to us……

**phone rings**


Lalaski: it seems you think I’m joking, well i have stepped up my game, i want you to meet someone

Segun: daddy please help me out, i don’t want to die here

Governor: if you touch my son……

shut up mr man and prepare a sum

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Feb 06
This is the worst and unrealistic story that I've ever read in my entire life ??? guy your creativity and imagination is worse than that of a four year old child
May 01
Abi o... The guy is confusing himself.
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