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Funke my sexy secretary  - Season 1 - Episode 17
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**in the governor’s house**


My mom:

Commissioner :

Governor : **confused**

Governor’s wife (mrs alao) :
**not confused**

Mrs alao: i told you, she didn’t die but you won’t believe me

Temi: what’s going on dear

Me :
**speechless **

Governor :
cso place a top level arrest warrant on lalaski

Mrs alao:
i want my own daughter and my son o

Me: here she is ma’am

Mrs alao:
(running towards her and at the same time crying) **hugs her**

Temi: still confused, babe whats going on

Me: ask your so called dad to explain, because I don’t really understand and his in the best position to explain

Governor :
Commissioner you better shed light on the issue on ground or else…..

**10 masked guys barged in**

They took the governor and the so called body guards ran away, Nigerians will always be nigerians…. I was not even scared because this won’t be the first or second time i would be kidnapped, i even thought they were coming for me…..

**2days later**

Still we haven’t heard anything from the people that kidnapped the governor, the matter started getting worse because lalaski and funke thought we were lieing not until they saw it on tv….

Am just happy that none of my family member is involved but still temi wants to know what her father is hiding from her….

**Commissioner’s house**

Temi was holding a knife and swears to kill herself if he doesn’t explain whats going on to her, instead he just laughed and said if you kill yourself the only thing I’ll regret is the money i spent on you, am not your father and i don’t who he his but it seems it’s the governor so get the hell out of my house….

**back to my apartment **

Temi walked in crying, just had to comfort her and asked what happened and she explained everything to me so we decided to do dna test to proof if it’s true….. It was while we were doing the test in the governor’s hospital a black van came and dropped a body in front of the hospital and drove away, when the nurses and doctors moved towards it, they saw the body of the governor on the floor, whether dead or alive they don’t know…..

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