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Funke my sexy secretary  - Season 1 - Episode 9
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I really played a hard game escaping that night, well that’s another story for another day.

**Next Day**

Was bored and had nowhere to go so around 1pm I received a text from funke my secretary reminding me of her birthday party which I was actually now ready to attend, little did I know that she has alot in stock for me….

On getting to her place I noticed there was no sign of celebration , well I was bored and I can’t turn back after getting there….

**inside her house**

It was a duplex and I was surprised how a lady that her salary is being paid by me gets to live a luxury life like that…

Good afternoon love mi

Me :
** shocked and surprised ** when….. **she interrupted me with a kiss**

Then I saw an elderly man and woman entering…

The man: Good day my son, so you’re the lucky man my daughter has been talking about …

Me: **thinking** shuuu talking about me…

I was about to spill the beans when I saw funke winking at me just to play along , I wanted to find a way to get out of my current situation but the harder I try the harder it becomes for me to leave…

Soon funke found a way to take me out of the long boring conversation with her dad….

**in her bedroom**

What’s the meaning of …..

Funke: Oga abeg no vex, my parents has being on my neck to bring a man home I just have to be smart with them and besides you look responsible…


After eating a delicacy cooked by their maid which I was not even comfortable with I made an attempt to leave …

Me: Sir and ma , I would love to be on my way home.

Funke’s dad: But funke said you’ll be sleeping over

**my eyes and funke met** oh sir that’s true but an important issue came up …
I tried so hard to leave but they insisted on me sleeping over o, I sha ended up sleeping over in funke’s room …


Funke made some attempts to have me f--k her but I was just not in the mood, she tried all her possible best which later succeeded…

**following morning **

On getting to my office I saw a letter on funke’s desk and when I open and read it I realized it was a resignation letter and towards the end it stated that there was a surprise package for me on my table , on getting to my table I saw a brown envelope , when I opened it I saw some photos and a small paper with some writings on it, the photos contained myself and funke naked on the bed, and when I checked the paper it stated that ” to get rid of this paper pay a sum of 2million into this account”…

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