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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 26
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I was watching the students running for their different houses when i just looked back. I saw 5 guys from another school, they look like cultist because they had the characteristics; big eyeball, red eyes, so on. I just taught this is an opportunity, if damilola cultist come and have make friend with this one they will protect me or fight on my behalf6.

I THEN went to them and greeted them. i didnt know those were the cultist damilola reported me to. good afternon sir, good afternoon how are you doing na. am fine sir. my name na charles8 and my boys dem, meet spider, snake, scorpion, he pointed at them one after the other and i 7 shaked them One by one (wetin i go do, na damilola sha cause this thing).. We talked and talked till they bade me farewell that they were k looking for someone to finish off. After they left i just started smiling, i didnt know why but i just kept smilling at no one in particular, even people were expecting rice.. Just then agba came and tapped me………………

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