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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 10
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But i ignored the message he was passing across to me and went over to him, i could see the shock and fury on his face but he immediately keep hiz cool. When i saw he wasent going to start any topic in the nearest future, i immediately took the chance.

Em, joseph thanks for the other time.

What other time. The other time na, okay you mean the other time i lied you had a toothache when absolutely nothing was wrong with you but you were just too shy to give a simple speech. what? I wasen’t shy i was just…… Just what? c dont lie to me. He started packing his books and then the bell was jingled for the closing, luck was just on my side all i needed to do was to utilize them. Joseph Are You going home. Yes, do you want me to sleep here. Anything the problem. No, just that we need to work together and captain and assistant, but how can we do that, look at the way you are replying me as it we were enemies. His mood changed instantly, he became remorseful. Dami am sorry i replied that way to you see.

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