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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Joseph POV.

I bade dami farewell and trecked home because my house was not far from the school, just a 12 minutes walk and moreover i consider it as an excersice. Me and dami became close, we went to the gate for her to board bike together and did things together,things were w0rking out for us not until amaka came into the picture. i was just going to school which i passed their house which faced the road to my school when she stopped me.

hi joseph good morning, qood morning amaka how are you and how was your night. it was fine thankyou and yours. my was fine also,okay i don’t want to be late i have to go. joseph please wait for me lets go together, i don’t want to be going alone to skuul. okay but be fast. amaka was 2 classes ahead of me, i don’t know why she wants us to be going to school together, we werent friend and our parent werent friends also but the relationship made them become tight friends. we walked to school hin silence, 7 minutes later she started a conversation. joseph…..

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