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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Joseph you haven’t said anything since we’ve been walking. Because i don’t have anything to say, i replied sharply why she kept silent. We got to the school thanks to her, the tought of her just pissed me off. Lesson went well that day and after the closing the unexpected happened, i was waiting for dami so i can escourt her to the gate but she was not in the class. Joseph…. a voice called my back, i was happy thinking it was dami because she had stayed long, i turned as i stood as i opened my mouth g in shock, well i did’nt expect her to come to my class neither did i know she was coming to my class. Aren’t you going home, em,em i didn’t know what to say and i don’t want dami to meet us here. Just then dami entered. Joseph please am sorry for keeping you long lets go, she turned and saw amaka with me, joseph who is this. dami am sorry i wo’nt be escourting you today, its okay she replied sadly and disappointed. Me and amaka left for home. But rumors started spreading in school about…….

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