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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 14
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Soon there were rumors that i was double dating, i didn’t understand what it meant but i knew it was something that could destroy my good name. Me and dami started getting far from each other, i didn’t know why she was withdrawing from me but i didn’t matter to me as i liked that she’s getting far from me, maybe the rumours would stop because it had already gotten to the teachers. One of my teacher accused me of crossing my hands on amaka’s shoulder but amaka was the one doing it to me, i was mad and furious after my teacher accused me of such, i knew my relationship and friendship with amaka would soon come to an end due to all this accusations am being accused about. one day I was rushing to school because i was already late and waiting for amaka would be stupid of me, i didnt know she took it personal and we stopped talking to each other. i was now free from damilola and amaka. and left to read my books because my associatio6 with them made me have low n mark. little did i know i just started.

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