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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 16
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Thats why i knew and concluded that relationship in school would just do more harm than good to students, i had some feelings for her and i had to use that opportunity to get away from her, i love her but i couldn’t show my love because we were still in school and junior school for that matter, so i just had to let go but her recent behaviour really pissed me off. She would call prevail sweet names in my prescence and i had met she and toheea playinp rough early in the morning. I tried to advice and talk to them but it seems they were already caught in her web of fantasies.

The last one she did that made me loose my cool and vow to pay her back was thax she pecked prevail in my prescence. I got to know she was using it to get at me to regret leaving her and coming to beg her.but she only got me more angryw. After they left i called prevail. What was the meaning of that she just pecked you and you didn’t do anything. Joseph i cant do anything i dont even know what to do am jiust jamd tired….

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