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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 18
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I could see the disappointment in her face. I immediately started my work as the classcaptain and things were doing fime, me and damilola stated dogeing each other, we never passed the same lane. I was stitting down in tre class reading mz book when latifat came to me to help her solve a maths, i told her to write it as a letter so we would be doing the question and answer in t,he letter. .little did i know i just created a problem, if i knew i would have just solve the question for her and let her go. She wrote the letter and put it in one of my note and gave it to me.

Me understanding the code, i quickly opened my book in a hidden way so as other student would not undrstand what i was doing.

I took the letter fast and it read thus. Joseph, i know it because of damilola you don’T want to teach me where you would be seen by her. But its none of my concern just please help me solve this maths, its about changing the subject, help me make x the subject of the formular in this; xy=a Thanks

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