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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 19
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I did’nt have time for all what she wrote, i just wanted to explain the maths for her so she would leave myz life. So i guickly solved it and replied the workings to to her, i thought i was free but that’s when it started. She sent another letter through samuel one of our classmate because damilola now knows we are writing to each other and we had to stop using our old system of putting the letter in our notes because we were almost busteed by badru and i know dat dami targeted us and asked him to come borrow that particular note from me but with my sense and intellgience i quickly removed the letter from my book and just tucked it into my pocket when he looked back. He took the note and left for his master, i could see the anger in her face that i was just to smart than the boy that i removed the letter from the book under is watch. I took the letter, solved the maths and replied latifat. But what we were doing is not wh at we should hide but i just did so because of damilola and her…….

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