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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 2
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I now knew what people ment by love and love at first sight, i was crushing on him not minding his feeling towards me, i just wanted him to be beside me always. He was a new student and he needed help in some areas since he joined us in the sixth week of the term, but tunde rused over to him, while i wanted to approach him and they became friends. I was scared and shy to approach him and now tunde had gotten in the way, i was sad not because he and tunde were now friends but because he now had a friend and me, i wanted all to myself. While thinking i felt a soft touch on my shoulder that made me shrink and jolted back to life, i looked up only to find him staring at me with those tempting eyes and seductive smile.

I immediately felt andreline run over my body, i was now shaking. Least i forget my name is damilola. Hi, my name is joseph he said with those charming eyes and lips. H-i my nam-e i-s damilola but my friends call me d- girl or dami i said with shaking voice. Nice to meet you…..

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