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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 20
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What me and latifat was not something to be hidden, not that i had skeletons in my cupboard but It was because of damilola i made it hidden because she was always stalking and looking for any single mistake or opportunity to blow my name in mz face and i wouldn’t want it to happen, since i reported her to the teachers while we were in jss2 that she said when she and toheeb get married he would be washing her underwear. so she was already planning marriage for the both of them, with that and my determination to make her pay for her sins i reported her to almost all the teachers, the other teachers were aware about it and she was asked to call her mum to the school.

I remembered as the memory flashed back to me how she cried 5 like a helpless begger, i kind of felt guilty as i lknew it was because of me she got herself into this mess but she was the one that allowed anger to take over her emotions, thavs why i always take precaution. Because due to those things she wants to get back at me WHIH.

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